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A properly signed will is legally binding, and will ensure that your assets go to the persons of your choosing when you are no longer around. Will writing is our specialism at Trinity Legal Services.

Many of us tend to assume that our possessions will end up with those closest to us after we die. But this is not necessarily the case. The reality can be very costly and time consuming.

You can make stipulations in your will that determine who has responsibility of your children, should the other parent be unable to look after them. This puts the power in your hands, rather than in social services'.

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Many do attempt to write wills themselves. However, this can prove risky, as they do not always stand up to scrutiny and can often fail to deliver what you had hoped. A professionally written, legally binding will avoids this possibility.

We communicate with you in plain English, explaining everything to the letter. We work around your needs, coming out to your home if required.

We are based in Norwich and Cambridge. Why not get in touch with us and set the process in motion?

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