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Will writing

Power of attorney

Inheritance tax

Our specialism is of course the writing of wills.


Find out how you, too, could benefit from this service, by reading on.

As a result of accident or illness, we can sometimes be left in a situation where we are not mentally competent to arrange our own affairs. By granting lasting power of attorney to a trusted individual, you maintain control over your estate.

Whether married or unmarried, inheritance tax planning is always advisable. It could help save your partner a considerable sum of money in the event of your death.

Residential care fees

Funeral planning

Document storage

If your assets are in excess of £21,000 you will be expected to pay for your residential care yourself. This can dramatically reduce what your loved ones receive. We define clear strategies to reduce the impact this can make.

You may not want your loved ones to pay for your funeral themselves. You may have a clear idea of how you want the service to be enacted. The cost will be fixed at today's rate, with no additional costs in the future. You can also make tax savings through this service.

Your will and other legal documents must be stored safely. We store them in water-resistant folders, and within fireproof cabinets to ensure their security to the utmost.

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