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Nobody ever truly knows what lies ahead. We may become subject to debilitating illnesses or injuries that leave us lacking the mental or physical capabilities to manage our affairs ourselves.

Should you be unable to carry out such tasks as your banking, bill paying and the selling of your home, you can authorise a trusted individual to act on your behalf. Trinity Legal Services helps you to set this in motion.

You will no doubt want to sit down with us and discuss the different benefits in more detail. Our advisors are always available to chat with you on a no-obligation basis to answer your queries.

Property & Affairs LPAs

Personal Welfare LPAs

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This allows you to elect a family member, partner, spouse or other trusted individual to manage your financial affairs on your behalf.

In this instance, the elected individual can make decisions regarding your personal care or treatment, should you be unable to do so yourself.

We serve Norwich and Cambridge and all locations in between. To discuss lasting power of attorney and any of our other services, please contact us.

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